At B3 FASHION STUDIO – we care !


1. We do everything we can to make our products better. We improve material, and add back features and construction details that others have taken out over the years. We never reduce the quality of a product to make it cheaper.

2. We price our products fairly and honestly. We do not, have not and will not participate in the common retailing practice of inflating mark-ups to set up a future phony "sale”.


3. We believe that what is best for our customer is best for all of us. Everyone here understands that concept. Our sales and service people are trained to know our products and to be friendly and helpful. They are urged to take all the time necessary to take care of you. They follow the minutest details of your order instructions.

4. We are able to sell at lower prices because we have eliminated middlemen; because we have placed our contracts directly with the manufacturers who have proven that they are cost conscious, efficient and forever evolving with the changing times and who can understand our customers’ needs and desires.

5. We believe in today cash and tomorrow credit.

In short B3 FASHION STUDIO = Quality Products. Honest Value. Good service

We will take care of each customer, one at a time, each time we hear from them. After all everything is about……..Emotions and Expressions...

We at B3 FASHION STUDIO.COM offer not just an address on the World Wide Web but have created an interactive site for today’s women to browse and be a part of the large fashion community through our store. It is our philosophy and commitment to help you in a myriad of ways and make “shopping” - a woman’s most favourite activity - a HAPPY experience.

It will be our endeavor to offer you a place where you can come to everyday, a place that is designed and committed to women's needs. We are living in a time where the opportunities and resources available to women are without precedent and we want to be able to bring them to you at our portal, just one click away.

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